Malaga Detoxification Center

Addiction treatment center in Malaga

The admission facilities of the MonteAlminara clinic are located far from urban centers, in a natural environment near the town of Moclinejo, in the province of Malaga.

It offers 18 rooms, single and double, six of which are adapted for people with physical disabilities. The center has spacious living rooms with fireplace, dining room, gym and games room, therapy rooms, educational workshop, swimming pool and a large terrace with spectacular sea and mountain views.

MonteAlminara also has an outpatient follow-up center in the capital city of Malaga.

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addiction center montealminara

Medical therapeutic excellence.

First-class doctors, psychologists, therapists, educators and health assistants.

Private and exclusive.

Only 16 rooms in more than 2,500 m2 with swimming pool, room service, gym, etc.

Reserved and well communicated.

Privacy is one of the hallmarks of MonteAlminara. Only 25 minutes from Malaga city, MonteAlminara is a balcony overlooking the Mediterranean Sea between almond trees and vines.

Individualized attention.

Personalized treatment to patients and their families with 24/7/365 attention.

High level of recovery.

A recovery rate of 86% attests to MonteAlminara's more than 10 years of professional experience.

Support of outpatient centers in Malaga

Patients can continue their treatment at MonteAlminara's outpatient centers in Malaga.

The Outpatient Center in Malaga allows people who experience addiction problems to can be treated without having to give up their normal life. This is usually the case of patients who, in spite of having drug use or pathological behaviors, still maintain an adequate personal, family, work and social structure, so that admission is not necessary.

In addition, it is key for the follow-up of patients who, once the clinical stay program is over, must continue with the follow-up of their disease as the last phase for complete reintegration and normalized integration at all levels.

The Ambulatory Center is also the first point of contact for patients who decide to take the plunge and consult with a specialist when they see signs of addiction. It is also the place to assess and treat adolescents with incipient addiction problems.

Patients at the MonteAlminara Ambulatory Center in Málagaare attended by the same medical-therapeutic team of the center: therapists, psychologists, physicians and psychiatrists. All this in spacious and modern facilities, with offices for individual treatment and group rooms for joint therapies with family and patients.

Following MonteAlminara’s therapeutic model, the Outpatient Center integrates the patient’s family into the patient’s treatment and maintains the level of privacy, individualized treatment and discretion that characterizes the clinic as a whole.


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