Family Therapy Addictions Malaga

Family therapy in the treatment of addictions

It is in the family where the person assimilates the fundamental learning for his or her life and, therefore, it is in the family where the most preventive action can be taken. Addictions are a difficult problem to detect and complex to treat.

Aware of this, the MonteAlminara Center develops a complete program of actions to support families for prevention and accompaniment during and after treatment.

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Family Support Malaga

family support action program

Personal growth groups for family members

They provide a space for meeting, guidance and help for families who start treatment and those who begin to detect the problem. There are different levels that allow to deepen according to the needs of each family.


It can be combined with the previous program when the situation requires a more personal and/or discreet approach. It is carried out in individual and family sessions with the counseling psychologist, either in the outpatient center or in the most convenient place in each situation.

of families

It is carried out with the associations of mothers and fathers of students (AMPAS) of the educational centers and other related entities. They address aspects such as rules and communication in the family, conflict resolution or addiction to new technologies.

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